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Elizabeth Ramos Torres is a Suzuki registered teacher in violin books 1 to 8, and holds a Master of Music in Suzuki Pedagogy from the Hartt School of Music. Her teacher-trainers have included Teri Einfeldt, Edmund SprungerNancy Jackson, and Edward Kreitman.

Beginning Students
Dr. Torres specializes in developing beginning students with skills that will serve them in achieving a high level of playing. This includes a relaxed, secure setup, flawless intonation, and skillful technique. Beginning violin students are 4 - 6 years of age. Parents attend all lessons and practice at least 5 days a week with their child at home.
Dr. Torres’ beginning students listen daily to the Suzuki listening album.
*For more information, click the Parental Guidelines button.


Advanced Students
Dr. Torres’ advanced students include former members of Missouri All-State OrchestraSt. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra, and the Preparatory Program at Webster University. Her high school students consistently achieve level 1 ratings at Texas State Solo & Ensemble.

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